1. wow… how surprised to see my self at the end of this article!!! And your listing of the salary is quite… accurate^^!! Amazing!
    Very nice meeting you online!^^

    1. Wow! how surprised to see the person in the article actually finding herself here! What are the odds!!! (To me this is the amazing part.)

      And it seems that you not only play piano wonderfully, but also very kind and sweet; for the words are like music to my ears.

      Nice meeting you! And may all your recitals always end with a cheering crowd like the ones you had with Silversea.

      Or, and here is my emoji smile ^^

      1. wow…. another wow!! you reply so quickly!! I was about to hand in my info for Edinburgh Festival this summer, and was browsing through the internet for some reviews of mine… and just linked to here! It’s really a surprise! And your writing is so clear and also answers my curiosity^^ (I’ve never known about the salaries for the crews onboard!!) How could you find out everything in such detail! Amazing!!
        I enjoyed another Silversea cruise in Feb. and the passengers really warmed my heart!!
        I shall be back to blog more since it collects the memory longer^^
        here’s a little vlog, haha… do you also do vlog?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW8j9riOWno

      2. I was tempted to start the sentence with another “Wow", but then dropped the idea to tone down my genuine surprises. ( One is how the awe-inspiring internet could “link" up different worlds and people, and another is the pianist has a vlog! )

        And when someone cool or cute (or both) leaves you a message, you put other things on hold and reply it first. So there’s nothing magic about it, it’s simply human nature. (Or is it more of men’s nature? ha…ha… )

        You’d be amazed how much info you could gather from the web these days, which was the prime source where I garnered most of the materials for this article.

        There are several ways to preserve memories, and I seem to enjoy writing the most so far. Never really tried vlog before, not sure what I could perform in front of the camera. ( But you should definitely do more, people will be very interested in a cute pianist’s life!)

        Best Wishes on your Edinburgh Festival, and keep vlogging! ; )

  2. wow… I actually miss those days when I stored my stories at the blogs… it seems to be more real and stays for a long time… nowadays, the stories stay in FB and only stays there for a day ><"

      1. Although a tad ephemeral, FB could still do wonders sometimes, I think. ( We probably wouldn’t be exchanging messages if it weren’t for that short-lived FB post ) But I agree with you that some memories deserve a better treatment and hence the necessity of old mediums such as blogs, notebooks and diaries… ( One for the public, one for personal reminders, and one to keep your secrets. )

        I read the post you took a while to find and subscribed to the fan page, becoming the No. 41,363rd follower to the pianist. ( People apparently prefer piano over luxury cruises, my FB page has only 200 followers…)

        Watched the 20m TED talk you did in 2015 and very impressed. ( I actually “wowed~" with an elevated pitch… ) And I think your life is packed ( and fun ) enough to skip a few activities such as keeping a diary or starting a new blog. You could always live it first, and then tell the stories later. And some memories are like Bordeaux wines, they could take years, even decades to age and mature.

        But as your No. 41,363rd fan, we would be delighted to see you blogging again!

  3. Wow…. thank you for entering my FB fantasy… I do actually post lots unrelated to music (eg. Silversea Dinner Lobster 😂) have you been on Silversea? I do love it but at the same time found people spent too much time EATING 😝😝😝 well of course it’s ama delicious but I do enjoy other activities like lectures and classes etc rather than just eating 3 hours each evening 😝 just got another booking from Crystal Symphony…. do you know it? I’ve never been on any Crystal ones … do people also spent loads of time eating… 😅

    1. Yes I’ve been on several Silversea’s vessels, even the ones to the Antarctica (which wowed me to an extreme level). Though under a different payroll, I was usually aboard working as a tour leader/escort. And I dined & wined with the guests exactly the same style you did with those lobsters and amicable couples. And it’s probably because of you that the meals last that long, mine usually end within two hours. After all, who wouldn’t want to prolong the meal time with the entertainer who they enjoyed and adored?

      I’ve sailed with Crystal once, on Symphony’s younger and larger sister ship Crystal Serenity. The clientele is very similar to those from Silversea, wealthy, senior, sophisticated and a majority of them American. I believe you’ll have a great time performing aboard Crystal Symphony, and yes, cruisers in general spend a lot of time eating, so do prepare an extra pair of looser pants just in case you get an unwanted bonus in “pounds". ; )

      Happy cruising!

  4. wow! 感謝你在部落格文章裡引述我的資歷耶~ 真是 good surprise。Haha, I guess you could say that playing on the ship for a few years is a unique life experience for young people! Nice to meet you! :)

    1. Wow! ( this seems to be the most common reaction when people found themselves mentioned here, or… is it a musician’s thing? ) 沒想到有第二位海上音樂人來留言~,果真是 good surprise。

      Being young really is a privilege when it comes to exploring & experimenting possibilities of life. And you seem to be a very lucky person who knows how to enjoy every bit of the adventure.

      Nice to meet you too, and bon voyage!



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